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© 2019 Allison Riegel

The act of cooking is a spiritual and creative process. Recipes are a helpful tool, but the practice of holistic cooking is about learning how to create intentional meals from an intuitive, somatic place. It begins with reuniting with the voices of your body. By tuning into your body's innate wisdom, you will cultivate new modes of inspiration to create nourishing, energetically alive meals.

We will explore what it means to cook from an energetic perspective. Food often passes through several environments and through many hands before it reaches our own kitchens. Holistic cooking invites us to bring awareness to this energetic chain, as our bodies absorb the energy we take in. 

When we work together in a one-on-one session, we will create a foundation of culinary ingredients that you will be able to draw from to create meals. We will gather all the raw food materials in one place, as the artist’s palette, and spend time smelling, seeing, feeling, tasting - sensually connecting with each ingredient. In your home kitchen we will similarly connect with utensils and cookware, feeling their varying energies and uses. My intention is to support you in a growing sense of empowerment, so that you feel more confident and fluent in your cooking process. We will establish a sturdy foundation so that you will have the tools to create nourishing food that feels vital to your body and soul.

I am also available to cook personalized meals for you at home. If you're struggling to find time to cook for yourself or just looking for new culinary inspiration, I am here to support you. Creating colorful, nourishment-rich dishes that are mindfully tailored to your specific tastes and dietary needs is my forté. I worked in fine-dining restaurants for 12 years, immersed in beautiful, locally-sourced ingredients and carefully composed dishes. This gave me a vast understanding and excitement for food. Considering flavor, texture, color and healthfulness, I have a subtle and intuitive understanding of how to put together a vibrant meal. Food is one of our finest medicines. If you're curious about how I might work with your particular dietary needs, please be in touch!