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Yin Yoga Crystal Bowl Soundbath at Love Hive Yoga / Saturday, March 14, 2020, 7-9 pm PST

Allison Riegel will lead us through a deeply nourishing sequence of long-held Yin poses, as Kady Monroe will serenade us with luscious sounds of seven Crystal Singing Bowls. This experience is an invitation to enter into your own essence, deeply connect with your body through ethereal sound vibration; to release, soften, unwind, envision and meditate. Yin yoga is often compared to acupuncture and self massage in its capacity to move stuck energy through the body. Prepare to potentially let go of unhelpful blockages and stored tension as we enter into the realm of Being rather than doing.

Saturday, March 14, 2020, 7-9 pm PST at Love Hive Yoga Burnside in Portland, OR. Register online here.

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