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"I came to Allison at a time when my mental and emotional health was fragile and I knew I needed support, but I'd never done therapy before and didn't know what to expect. I didn't really understand what "yoga therapy" was, but something in me was drawn to it. After my first session I knew I'd found exactly what I was looking for. Allison was the first care provider to truly listen to what I was saying, have empathy for what I was going through, and remember me and my story each time we met. Each session built on the last, and I didn't have to reexplain my pain and struggles over and over again. Using a variety of effective tools, Allison helped me acknowledge and work through my suffering, practice deep breathing, pinpoint areas where I was stuck, and gently guide me toward healing. In working with her for more than a year now, I can so easily see I am a different person. I handle anxiety so much better, and have made enormous steps toward becoming a more resilient and emotionally vulnerable person. She is also extremely gifted in dream interpretation, which I found incredibly helpful in unpacking vivid dreams. Her presence is calming. I never felt judged, unheard, or unsupported. She is just a dream. I can't recommend Allison's yoga therapy (or yoga) sessions enough."

"Allison is a nurturing, nourishing golden being I was meant to encounter soon after moving to Portland. Reveling in the sensual in the most life-loving, grounded of ways, yoga with her has been an intimate invitation into myself, creating space for me to experience sensations of warmth, transcendence and self-understanding. I knew I had finally found yoga that I identify with and feel deeply nourished by. I consider her my first yoga teacher. Her curiosity and knowledge in fields that connect wonderfully together make her a rich repository on the development of the body and soul. She shares this knowledge with intuition, wisdom and grace. Lastly, I am wont to believe one of her sources of magic is her lustrous, golden hair, which often perches on top of her head like a puffy croissant or bouquet of kale."

"Allison is a true healer. She is intuitive and kind with a natural curiosity that informs her work. She is both gentle and strong, and knows how to illuminate the path towards your best self by employing her deep empathy and genuine sense of play. With Allison you will not only find someone with a wealth of information regarding health and wellness, but someone who will truly listen and hear you. She knows how to attend to the needs of your body and spirit. Allison is a rare find in the world we live in- someone who takes the time to connect with the deep inner wisdom of the cosmos and has the generosity to share it. If you are looking for guidance in regards to creating a healthier and happier life for yourself, look no further- your modern-day medicine woman has arrived. And she just so happens to have a heart of gold."

"I feel honored to have received a holistic wellness session with Allison. During our time together, I felt fully heard and nourished. Allison provided a comfortable space for me to be open on every level. She helped me ground with a gorgeous opening meditation and space clearing. She asked thorough and thoughtful questions, helping me to look deeper into my own experience and uncover hidden feelings which needed to be given light. She provided me with creative exercises to take me out of my head and into my dreams and visions, tapping into my heart voice. All the while, I was encouraged and acknowledged for my individuality and unique path. It was a wonderful way to remind myself of my own importance and to take steps in a positive direction towards deep compassionate self care."

"Allison Riegel is quite simply the most elegantly creative woman I have ever had the pleasure to witness. Whether she is dancing in the kitchen, imaginatively designing a deliciously nourishing dish, baking obscure delicacies in the oven, or hand crafting an herbal concoction born of her witchy wisdom, she is always led by two key ingredients: Intention and Beauty. What amazes me most is that not only is Allison so attuned to the earthly aesthetics and pleasures of this plane, she is also intuitively gifted in honing into the internal realms, honoring the precious subtleties where mind, body and spirit intersect. Her innate curiosity in the interconnectedness of all things embodies her uniquely expansive library for natural medicine and healing wisdom. With self care as her ultimate prescription, Allison is driven by her own healing process and continues to share her findings on this path so that others may learn to heal themselves."

"Allison Riegel has been working with me twice a week for a year now as a personal yoga teacher. She has an extraordinary gift knowing just how much my body can handle at each session and bringing me to that point. Over the course of the year I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my flexibility, strength and stamina. I’m becoming more and more aware of parts of my body that I’ve long since forgotten, my breath is deeper/fuller, and in general I’m able to relax more. I feel happier in my body and more present with how I hold myself and the movements I make."

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