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I grew up in the foothills of northern California on Nisenan Native land, nurtured by magnificent oaks, golden grasses, fertile earth, and artist parents. My relationship to the spiritual realm started early on, as I found myself part of nature’s ecosystem, brimming with life and mystery. So did my relationship to creativity, as I made things with my hands, allowed my curiosity to flourish, and immersed myself in the sensual world. The earthy, tactile influence of my early life instilled in me a deep reverence for nature’s mystical, unfettered ways. This has allowed me to embody humility, curiosity, and presence, which I’ve continued to practice throughout my life. 


When I was 12 yoga entered my life and its practice has been with me since. What began as largely a physical experience gradually revealed itself to be so much more: a ritual for living and connecting with the voice of Spirit. Spirit, that breathes through us constantly, spirit, the animating life force of the universe, spirit, the mystery of all that exists in the natural world — that which I return to for guidance and grounding. Yoga and its innate relationship with the spiritual reveals the interconnectedness of all of life on this planet. It allows me to zoom out and see the elaborate exquisiteness of creation, to reconnect to the big, messy, wildness of it all, and in doing so, invites me to return to gratitude, trust, and devotion.


“As soon as there is awareness of wholeness, every moment becomes sacred, every moment is sacred. The sense of oneness is no longer an intellectual connection. Awareness vibrates within and leads to spontaneous action, not limited to any compartment that society has created.” - Vimala Thakar, Spirituality and Social Action


I left my parents’ home at 17 to study Art and Design at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, which included a year of studying painting and language in Florence, Italy. Following my undergraduate studies, I spent time living in San Francisco and Santa Barbara, becoming intimate with food, wine, and people, working in fine-dining restaurants, and trying, without much success, to find my purpose. It was a revelatory time of sensuous, intrapersonal connection, but also a realm of dualities — I experienced the tension of whirlwindy, late-night city life but also the desire for a more consistent union with the natural world and its energetic majesty.

So I returned to the healing land of my childhood and was held there as I sought clarity for my life’s journey. It was in that natural, nourishing space, after years of youthful extravagance, that I was able to attune to the subtlety of my body, could begin to honor the inner world through dreamwork and introspection, and reconnected to my soul’s deeper yearnings. My body's natural rhythms were calling for a more consistent relationship with the natural world. My soul was urging me toward a more profound sense of integrity, to make space for creative expression, invoking balance, connected to health and an aura of potential thriving. In this zone I could imagine work connected to my passions, my creativity, and my most innate ways of being.

Eventually I found myself in Portland, Oregon, a place, as it happens, that my ancestors first immigrated to from Europe. I honor that the city of Portland is traditionally the land of the Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Tumwater, Tualatin Kalapuya, Wasco, Molalla, Cowlitz and Watlala bands of the Chinook, and many other Tribes who made their homes along the Columbia River.


Moving to Portland marks a shift in my life toward a dedication to the healing arts. I began studying plant spirit medicine, magic and ritual, and later hatha yoga and yoga therapy. After a year of working in a restaurant in Portland, I was unexpectedly let go — in part because I had taken time off to complete a yoga teacher training. It felt like a message from the cosmos. I decided to leave the restaurant world and committed to seeking deeply satisfying work that was more in alignment with my needs. I began cooking for one-off personal chef gigs — creating bright, holistic, seasonal dishes (something I always loved to do)— and soon started teaching yoga classes.


Holistic Cooking and Deep Yoga — two ways of conversing with the body — became central facets of my life and professional path. With these two modalities I could both support my own thriving, honoring my personal well-beingness, while engendering space for my clients and students to nourish themselves from within. I could cook decadent natural food for dinner parties, fill attendees’ glasses with the most delicious wines, and lead them in pranayama before dinner! I learned more deeply the connection between body and spirit, and realized it was not without the sensual pleasures I had found in my late-night life in the Bay, but rather joined them in the space of beauty and breath — the very essences of life. My work expanded into a zone of life-living practice. The somatic and the spiritual were one thing, and I strove to inhabit that space with others joyfully, and tenderly with a sense of gravity and grace.


I found working with others in a therapeutic context to be deeply satisfying, as I more intently practiced yoga therapy. Guiding my clients into the spiritual dimension was beautiful, sensuous, and contained the feeling of healing, for my clients but for myself, as well. It was a way of communing with nature: celebrating her mystery, bounty, and poetry. I recognized a potent feeling of burgeoning alignment — putting my energy towards this was a harbinger of a new, holistic, and  reciprocal way of life. In studying and sharing healing work, I was returning home to an integral part of myself and likewise began lending this sense of continual, deeply process-oriented whole-making to those I was working with. 


“...your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Without, everything seems discordant; only within does it coalesce into unity. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.” - C.G. Jung, Letters, Vol. I


I worked as a yoga therapist, yoga teacher, and holistic chef, for many years. I was eventually introduced to the work of C.G. Jung and his descendants in the field, and I found myself captivated by the world of depth psychology. Bringing the psyche into my work felt like the missing piece. Within the body, alongside somatic expression, the psyche holds its own keys to our inner worlds, and is an essential layer of who we are. I realized that we can’t engage in spiritual practice without listening to the soul, and that we can’t practice embodiment without soul expressing through us. The unconscious — revealing itself through dreams, images, the body, and art — can be an unbelievably rich part of our self-understanding and subsequent flourishing. Intentionally engaging with the unconscious through dreamwork, expressive arts, and psychotherapy, we uncover significant personal messages from the deep, that have unparalleled potential power in guiding us toward growth and alignment.


Attunement to my own psyche’s guidance has allowed me access to deeper self-knowledge, granted entry into life-expanding experiences, and has allowed me to honor my emotional processes with care. To know the psyche can offer a life more fully fulfilled and profoundly connective! I now have a strong desire to hold this space for others as we engage in this courageous practice of self-inquiry, inner exploration, and reverence for the deep personal paths that are revealed in therapy. 


I have journeyed to this moment to offer my experience, creating space for others to heal, grow, and develop their relationships with themselves. I continue to be a dedicated student of the healing arts, and of life itself. I find joy in connections with friends, family, and community. My relationship to the earth and her wisdom keep me grounded and humble. My heart loves being a mother to my new son, art-making, cooking, being in my body, reveling in nature, nurturing my relationships, and connecting with beauty. Spending my time in these ways keeps me connected to the tactile, living, breathing world. It keeps me present to the inner beauty and resilience that exists in humans. I bring a grounded, expansive openness and lovingness to my work with others, and an authentic sense of curiosity. I seek to provide others a sacred container for self-exploration, honesty, and transformation.

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  • M.A., Counseling Psychology, Meridian University, Petaluma, CA

  • 1 Year Clinical Internship, M.E.T.A. Counseling Clinic, Portland, OR

  • Hakomi Professional Skills Training, M.E.T.A. Institute, Portland, OR

  • Reclaiming Our Lives, Reclaiming Our Earth, BodySoul Rhythms Intensive, Phoenicia, NY

  • 300 Hour Yoga Therapy Training, DAYA Foundation, Portland, OR

  • 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Ritam Healing Arts, Ojai, CA

  • Plant Spirit Medicine, The School of Forest Medicine, Portland, OR

  • Herbalism, The School of Traditional Western Herbalism, Portland, OR

  • Magic and Ritual, Blue Iris Mystery School, Portland, OR

  • Flower Essences, Catherine Abby Rich, Larkspur, CA

  • Restorative Yoga, Judith Hanson Lasater, San Francisco, CA

  • Painting and Drawing, l’Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy

  • B.F.A., Art and Design, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 

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